Mystery Shopping

Spotcheck has extensive expertise in the area of mystery shopping throughout the island of Ireland and operates in a wide variety of sectors.

Our trained mystery shoppers pose as ordinary customers and provide detailed evaluations of their experience using written reports or questionnaires based on the brief given by you. These are delivered to you online for fast turnaround and ease of reading.

We will tailor the mystery shopping report to meet your operational standards, so that each section is scored and weighted to address the issues important to you. Pricing for mystery shopping is dependent on how long and complex the shopping experience is. Evaluations can take place weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.

Our mystery shopping programmes are flexible and can be altered as the needs of the business change. You decide what aspect of your business you would like to survey and Spotcheck can work with you and advise on the best mystery shopping approach to use to achieve your goals.

The Mystery Shopping Process

Every business is different, even those in the same industry. That’s why we focus on flexibility and creativity when we design and implement mystery shopping programs. The process from initial enquiry to program launch can be as quick as two weeks. Working with us usually looks something like this:

  • Step 1

    Pre-Visit Consultation

    We will meet all new clients on-site to determine their specific measurement criteria requirements.  We will discuss the various methods of measurement to be used, e.g. mystery visit, mystery phone call or customer surveys etc.

  • Step 2

    Measurement Techniques

    We will design and develop a bespoke measurement form to allow clients to focus on the priority areas or issues.  We can also advise on the frequency of visits - and these can vary from weekly, monthly, quarterly or a one off audit.

  • Step 3

    The Visit

    A “customer type” is ascertained for each business and mystery shoppers are allocated to particular assignments based on, e.g. age, sex and background.  For each visit the mystery shopper will receive a detailed “Assignment Brief” which will include any scenarios they should use or if there are specific days and times to carry out their visits or calls

  • Step 4

    Reporting Techniques

    A digital copy of the visit report is provided for every visit.   A deadline is agreed with our clients for the return of the visit reports and we are fully aware how important it is to get information back in a timely fashion.