Our first customer was a video store, but over the years we have provided our services to a very diverse range of customers from leisure centres to lingerie shops, and everything in between. This is a flavour of the services we provide.


Our mystery shopping programme will provide you with detailed feedback on the customer experience in your store. We will assess customer service, selling skills, product range, and merchandising. Spotcheck can also conduct exit surveys and competitor research.

Bars & Restaurants

Mystery shoppers will measure the customer experience based on your exact criteria. We will assess food quality, cleanliness, service and overall satisfaction. We will provide you with a detailed report giving you results that are relevant and actionable.


Our mystery shoppers will objectively measure crucial aspects of the hotel guest experience. Our reports will assist Management to see which areas need improvement to enhance the customer experience. We can assess all areas of the hotel, including event management.

Visitor Attractions

The mystery shopper will replicate the entire customer journey, from looking at your website before the visit to experiencing all aspects of your attraction, including retail and catering outlets. Our reports will allow management to improve the service offered to increase visitor numbers.


A mystery shopping programme will assist you to assess customer service and general operational standards. Mystery shoppers will report on all aspects of their visit including looking for information on the website beforehand, making a telephone enquiry, arrival at the venue, staff, toilets and technical aspects of the performance.

Shopping Centres

We will assist Centre Management to ensure that all stores are offering excellence in customer service. This includes mystery shopping visits, customer care training programmes and customer exit surveys.

Housing Associations

Our mystery shoppers will assess your services from the customer’s point of view. Mystery shopping can include emails, telephone calls and office visits which will allow you to identify gaps between the customer’s expectations and service delivery.

Local Government

We work with a range of public bodies, from Councils and Chambers to educational establishments. We deliver retail improvement programmes which include mystery shopping, mentoring and skills workshops.


We monitor the customer service experience and whether staff are following the correct processes, including regulation compliance. We assess helpfulness of staff, quality of service and speed of advice using a range of pre-determined questions.