Training & Consultancy

We can take your business through the ‘next steps’ process to plan and implement focused training for your customer facing staff – and then measure the results.

Spotcheck provides a unique combination of business measurement services, which is complemented by our Training and Consultancy service.

Our team of experienced customer service professionals can take your business through the ‘next steps’ process to plan and implement the changes you need to create the ideal customer environment.

  • Step 1


    Based on data collected during mystery shopping, our consultant will take you through the customer journey to help you see what the customer sees and highlight areas where improvements which bring about lasting benefits to business performance can be made. Training needs can be identified to equip staff to concentrate on the issues that are pertinent to your business to help refocus staff on the importance of exceeding customer expectations.

  • Step 2

    Design & Implementation

    Training will be designed to address the identified training needs and tailored to suit the individual needs of your company. We use a range of different training methods to develop your employee’s customer service and selling skills aimed at engaging and involving staff in improving the customer experience and ensuring they get the skills and knowledge they need.

  • Step 3

    Review and Evaluation

    Once the training has taken place we will carry out a full evaluation which can include further mystery shopping to assess the improvements made and highlight any further recommendations.